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Running Time: 45 Minute Episode

Format: Series

Coming Soon to Evod


When Mbali’s boyfriend, Siya, is arrested and the family’s main financial support is lost, his jealous ‘friend’ Fistos sees Mbali as easy prey, but when Mbali refuses his charms; he tries to rape her leading to Mbali killing him in self-defense, Zodwa, always Mbali’s support system, helps her hide her crime. All this trauma brings back the memory of the abuse that her mother endured at the hands of her father, Moses. In that moment, Mbali makes a solemn promise that she will do whatever it takes to leave Kliptown, she swears she will never breathe again the terrible scent of poverty in her life, no matter WHAT. She is going to make it!


Sthandile Nkosi, Phumzile Khubeka, Diana Maseko, Austin Shandu , Tiisetso Thoka, Gcina Mdikane, Wiseman Zitha

Directors & Producers

Reneilwe Sema | Barker's Media

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