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Running Time: 90 Minutes

Format: Film


Piet (Jamie Bartlett) is an old school Afrikaans businessman who had immense success during apartheid. These days, he is finding it very difficult to navigate in the new, pro- transformation South Africa. When he loses all his contracts, he spitefully proclaims that he wishes he was black- in front of one of his employees whom he mistreats. In the morning, his wishes have come true, but not in the way he would have wanted. He has swapped lives with Mandla (Kenneth Nkosi) who now is “Piet” the boss and he, is Mandla the cleaner. The only way things will go back to normal is after he has learnt an important life lesson.


Jamie Bartlett, Kenneth Nkosi

Directors & Producers

Tumelo Maimela | Parental Advisory ProductionsZiggy Hofmeyr

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