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Abafana Ababi

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Format: Film


Best friends Thebe and Gift (Thomas Gumede and Matli Mohapeloa), from Orlando, Soweto, grew up poor, with dreams of being rich one day. Taking the easy road of crime, they make it big as two bandits modelled on Robin Hood, stealing only from the wealthy (who acquired their money from dirty deals anyway), and then sharing their takings with the community. They have three rules: Steal only if you can do it with a free conscience; never have blood on your hands; and steal big. After becoming instant millionaires from their latest heist, the two bandits go on an insane spending spree, drive epic sports cars, wear the best threads, and get chased by the hottest ladies. But, soon they land in a world of trouble while living their dreams!


Matli Mohapeloa, Thomas Gumede, Justin Strydom, Unathi Guma, Oscar Mgudlwa, Kamo Modisakeng, Lillian Dube

Directors & Producers

Tumelo Maimela | Parental Advisory Productions
Ziggy Hofmeyr

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